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META Global Life Solutions was built on trust by an Educational Administrator in India and a Medical Doctor in Nigeria with the sole aim of ensuring that quality healthcare is made easily accessible to most developing nations. We also delved into international education and galvanizing the student relationship in Asia and Africa at all cadres of educational studies as an undergraduate, post graduate or fellowship program.

We at META are committed to making sure that we continually improve to ensure that you receive the best healthcare services and foreign educational studies available. No matter the health concerns you have, we will always be comfortable helping you find an answer and linking you with super specialized health care practitioners around the globe.

Our educational services is a standardized, dynamic and vision driven commitment that ensures that student are able to apply to universities in India across more than 100 area of study and 40 department giving the student a wealth of experience and opportunity to break the educational barriers of limitation confronting most developing nations. In a bid to diversify our services and network we also added 2 more additional services which include the supply of quality medical consumables/ hospital equipment to health care facilities in Nigeria and Africa in general.

Lastly, as part of our effort to contribute positively to climate change and to encourage the practice of farming, we have also included the supply of Agricultural farming equipment including tractor parts to large, medium and small-scale farmers.


“Providing innovative and requires solutions with best of skills.”

Enabling access to international education and quality super specialized health care around the world


“Fulfilling clients’ requirements to have long term relationships.”

To sustain easily accessible international healthcare that cuts across all medical specialty.

To diversify students learning experience by giving them the opportunity to create a lasting relationship with an international student community at both the undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate and fellowship programs.

To ensure quality medical and hospital equipment are available in Africa.

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Meta understands that to help meet client challenges and opportunities successfully in a global economy


Our world is at an inflection point, with technology transforming
our clients, our profession, and society at large.