META can help match you to a doctor, hospital or clinic best suited to your individual circumstances – anywhere across the globe.

Most of us go to Google to search or research a subject we are looking for. However, the information you specifically require may be available under various websites and it may as well be a stupendous task for you to find out what you want?
1. For eg. You want to know what is the best procedure for a treatment condition that you are looking for?
2. How much does it cost? Which hospital in which country is the best for it?
3. Can you talk to the Doctor who treats such conditions, and so on?
4. It is not impossible to get that info on Google, but we have aggregated all such info in a single place – that is our website. Our personnel are familiar with most hospitals and doctors.

​Absolutely not. We provide the same estimate that a hospital will provide you if you send an inquiry to them directly. We are absolutely transparent and pass on the estimate provided by the hospital to you on their letterhead. In fact, it is advantageous for you to go through us. In case of cost escalation, we have greater leverage with the hospital, as we refer many cases to them and can negotiate on behalf of you with them?

We work for you, not the hospital. We have aggregated all information and have provided it in one place. Other than that we do not have any preferred hospital or doctor? ​

Of course, you can do by yourselves. We provide all the information here for your use. We have visited more than 300 hospitals and discuss with thousands of doctors to provide the information here. You are welcome to use them to your advantage, both for knowledge and to use them for your treatment.

META Removes geographic barriers and opens a world of possibility for all of your
medical and surgical needs

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